Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning the solar panels is a task with greater importance than it may seem

Solar panels must be exposed to sunlight to produce energy, therefore, they are also exposed to the inclement weather.

You have probably noticed that over time a layer of dirt is deposited on the surface.

This occurs due to the airborne dust that exists in the environment. As well as bird droppings, pollen from flowers, tree leaves, etc. 

If you have already invested in a photovoltaic system, you are interested in making it work properly.

Lack of proper maintenance can deplete your energy production.

In situations of accumulated dirt, losses of up to 50% of the optimum production can occur.So, as you can see, removing the accumulated dirt on the solar panels is of vital importance.

That is why you need to periodically clean your photovoltaic cells.

Si tu instalación está ubicada en una zona de difícil acceso, es conveniente que contrates los servicios profesionales de PANELES DE MÉXICO por razones de seguridad.

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