The first solar-powered service station is born

In the United Kingdom, the first electrically powered service station for recharging the batteries of English electric cars has been born

The United Kingdom wants to be at the forefront of electric mobility and has just opened the first service station that will be powered exclusively by 100% solar energy. In other words, the 36 charging points that make up this service station for electric cars are fed by the electricity produced by the solar panels that are installed on the upper decks.

This electric gas station is called Electric Forecourt and is the first in a network of about 100 similar stations to be distributed throughout the United Kingdom. These facilities will not only have the solar panels of the station's pergolas, but will also have solar installations in external parks that will also produce energy to power the batteries of the electric cars.

Solar panels and a 6 MWh battery

The electricity is produced thanks to a complex installation of solar panels, but it is also stored in a 6 MWh battery that stores the energy that is not used at the moment to be able to offer service during the night or in cloudy days in which the production of energy falls by lack of sun.

With this system the user can be sure that all the energy that reaches the battery of the electric car is totally green and does not produce a carbon footprint in the environment. This is important and does not mean that the charge is of worse quality or that it costs more to reach the maximum charge of the battery. Nor is the price excessive, since the company indicates that charging 20 to 80% of the battery capacity will cost 10 euros.

To compare, a full tank of an average car with a combustion engine would be around 70 euros. An interesting advantage that makes it much more economical to move around with this type of vehicle. And, of course, it is a service station with all the comforts that these facilities usually have: cafeteria, store, car wash and other services so that the user feels comfortable while loading his vehicle.